Helix Energy Solutions Group

2016 Import and Export Analyst

Analyzing Import and Export processes from different modes (Repetro, Consumable and Exemption).
• Establish Import/Export Procedures.
• Ensure compliance with Taxes, Customs and transportation rules & regulations.
• Process data Control (Excel format).
• Invoice and Packing List Checking and Approval.
• Freight costs Analysis.
• Analyze best logistic option for the material consolidation from the Freight Forwarder.
• Projects development for performance Improvement and cost savings for the board.
• Focus in costs Savings for the Company in Logistics matters.
• Import and Export of Oil and Gas RIG’s.
• Temporary Admission Regime analysis.
• NCM Code analysis (Translations and Classification).
• RIG Storekeepers REPETRO training.
• Inventory Control.
• Archive Protocol and Control.
• Temporary Admission Transfers.
• International Procurement.
• Local Procurement.
• KPI Development and presentation for all Supply Chain departments.